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You know how to write, but it's time to be happy + productive when you do it.

Mastering Your Writer's Brain means becoming a Happy + Productive Writer

Happy + Productive Writer = DNA (Intention + Discipline - FUDs)


know yourself + free your writing from the chains of "should"

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rekindle your love for writing + plan your writing dreams into your reality

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cement your writing habit, command the muse, + get the writing done

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conquer your writer's block when you defeat perfectionism, self-doubt, + the fear of rejection

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to be a writer. She was a lover of books and the magic they told. She dreamt of changing the world, telling beautiful truths, touching the hearts of readers, all through the written word.

She studied craft.

She learned how to write compelling characters. She analyzed how to craft an organic plot. She studied writing through books, courses, writing blogs, and even got a degree in fiction. She was determined to be a writer.

But then she got stuck.

The writing wasn't getting done as quickly as she wanted. She had a day-job that kept her busy (and she loved binge-watching TV on Netflix).

This made her feel guilty, so she began to pressure the writing. But the muse wouldn't show up and inspiration wouldn't strike.

She tried to put words on the page, but a jerkface inner critic appeared whispering evil somethings into her ear:

"You're not good enough."

"Your story sucks."

"You're not really a writer at all."

She tried to fix it.

  • She tried to write 1000 words a day, every day.
  • She tried to get into a routine.
  • She tried to set deadlines to get it done, but they passed with no real progress.
  • She tried writing prompts.
  • She tried taking a break.
  • She tried to study more craft, looking for some magic secret that she'd missed.
  • She tried to love her writing again, but she couldn't find her magic.

But nothing worked.

She knew how to write. But she didn't know how to write with her Writer's Brain.

Hi, I'm Rachel. And if you haven't figured it out yet, this "she" is me.

I was an unhappy and unproductive writer.

I hated the stories I was telling. I hated writing generally. I could never keep a consistent writing routine. And my brain was always being a jerk to me.

But I couldn't give writing up. I knew in my heart that I was a writer. I just had to figure out what I was missing.


My degree in fiction writing gave me a strong knowledge of craft, but I still didn't know how to master my Writer's Brain.

The issue wasn't with learning about characters and plots and the elements of a good story, but how to get the writing done, how to conquer writer's block, and how to love my writing practice.

I wanted so desperately to be a happy writer, a productive writer, a "real" writer.


Nothing was getting done because I didn't know how to master my Writer's Brain.

So, I set out to fix it. I studied psychological techniques and tricks. I tested out methods, weeding out what worked and what didn't. I studied what it meant to be both "writer" and "me."

Through all my research and trial-and-error, I determined I needed to conquer 4 key elements to master my Writer's Brain and become a happy and productive writer:



Fears, Uncertainties, and Doubts (FUDs)

Writer's DNA

I'd explored each of the elements previously throughout my life. But it wasn't until I fused them together and studied how they influenced each other and my writing that I was able to master my Writer's Brain.

Here's What I Did:

I sat down to write a story only I could write using my unique Writer's DNA. I learned who I was as a writer, what I wrote, what I read, what inspired me, what my process was, and why I even wrote at all. (Learn more about DNA).

set strong intentions of why I wanted to share this story with the world. I fell in love with my writing again, studied what I was doing and why I was doing it, and made plans to transform my writing dreams into my reality. (Learn more about intention).

I disciplined myself with an actionable schedule to ensure the words made it onto the page consistently. I cemented my writing as a habit and commanded the muse to show up. (Learn more about discipline).

And I suited up with armor and battled my fears, uncertainties, and doubts (FUDs) like perfectionism and fear of what others would think and that evil inner critic that told me I wasn't good enough. (Learn more about FUDs).

By focusing my intentions, mastering discipline, conquering my fears, uncertainties, and doubts (FUDs), and doing it all in a way that made sense for me using my Writer's DNA,

I created a writing life I loved.

Now, I write the stories I want, on my timeline. I get the words on the page consistently. I have the muse by my side inspiring me every session. And I got that evil inner critic to go away.

Now, I feel full of creativity. I'm confident when I approach the page. I write with courage.

Now, I know the excuses we use to avoid writing, and how to beat them. I know the fears of rejection, the weight of impostor syndrome and self-doubt, and how to conquer them.

Now, I know what it’s like to watch your writing dreams live out of reach, and how to go after what I want, achieve my word-count goals, and transform my writing dreams into my reality.

And it’s amazing.

I mastered my Writer's Brain, and it gave me a writing life I love full of courage, consistency, confidence, and creativity.


And it was all because of 1 simple formula, the Write Brain Formula:

"Rachel is all about real, good writing. She discusses real issues that writers face (hello, woman writers!) along with the nitty-gritty of practically finishing your work. Plus her posts are LONG. Everytime I sit down to one, I feel like I’m a kid in a candy store, getting ready to devour a long-awaited treat." – Alexis Truitt,

Now, I want to help you get the happy and productive writing life you deserve, too.

I distilled my process down into 4 courses. Each course helps you master a different element of the Writer's Brain. Enroll in each course one-by-one, or grab all 4 in the bundle below.

Soon, your Writer's Brain journey will be complete and you'll have mastered your Writer's Brain. Soon, you'll be the happy and productive writer you want to be.


know yourself + free your writing from the chains of "should"


rekindle your love for writing + plan your writing dreams into your reality


cement your writing habit, command the muse, + get the writing done


conquer your writer's block when you defeat perfectionism, self-doubt, + the fear of rejection

"Writing is such a personal activity, and Rachel really understands how to work with your personality to bring out your best writing. It’s like therapy for writers!" – Haley Pettit,




Get the step-by-step instructions to master your Writer's Brain and set yourself up for a happy and productive writing life you love: Discover your Writer's DNA. Focus your Intentions. Master Discipline. Conquer your Fears, Uncertainties, and Doubts.


You're not just dreaming, you're doing. Take control of your writing life and discover what works for you through more than 70 hands-on exercises. Your adult homework includes video lessons, assigned and additional readings, and workbook activities. You immerse yourself in the writing world and find your unique spot in it.


The guided pages to walk you through EXACTLY what you need to do to apply these concepts to your own writing life. You'll do a lot of self-reflection, a lot of studying, and a lot of growing. (Plus, it's pretty!).


(only with the Master Package)

Work with me one-on-one where we'll talk about your novel's plot, how to develop great characters, how to fit writing into your busy life, and how to step up your writing game. I'm your biggest cheerleader and the kick-in-the-butt you need to transform your writing life for the better. Let's do this together!


Overcome writing procrastination. Love your writing again. Write consistently. Finish your manuscript. Create a writing life you love that works. Discover your Write Brain so you can be the happy and productive writer you were always meant to be!

"I say it week after week, but I am seriously in love with everything Rachel Giesel writes. She consistently challenges me to be a better writer, to seek intentional growth, and to fall head-over-heels in love with my writing life. There's truly nothing better!" – Kristen Kieffer, She'

Courses Included with Purchase

The Writer's Brain: Intention
rekindle your love for writing + plan your writing dreams into your reality
Rachel Giesel
The Writer's Brain: Discipline
cement your writing habit, command the muse, + get the writing done
Rachel Giesel
The Writer's Brain: FUDs
conquer your writer's block when you defeat perfectionism, self-doubt, + the fear of rejection
Rachel Giesel
The Real+Good Writer's DNA
know yourself + free your writing
Rachel Giesel

Original Price: $326



You could spend months wondering whether you’re a writer or not. You could spend years searching for the perfect system that makes sense for you. But you don’t have to. When you discover your best writing life as quickly as possible, you can quit worrying about writing, and get back to what’s important, the writing itself.


Don’t follow some other writer’s advice blindly. You don’t have to do anything in your writing life that doesn’t make sense to you. Everyone is a different human, with different thoughts, needs, systems. The only way you'll really succeed is if you figure out what works specifically for you. The Writer’s Brain empowers you to discover YOUR best writing life, whatever that looks like. You have video lessons, assigned readings, and workbook prompts to guide you.


When you master your Writer's Brain, you’re going to have a writing life you LOVE full of confidence, consistency, and courage. And you want to get that writing life ASAP. But, your writing life isn’t going to stay that way forever. In reality, you’re human, and you’ll evolve. Your life is going to change, and your writing life will change too. Master the system that empowers you to take control of your writing life long-term, so your writing life can evolve with you. You'll know how to realign your Writer’s Brain and continue to be the best writerly version of you, no matter where the world takes you.


Writing a novel is a LONGGG process that requires a lot of really hard work. You may think you need to know more about characters or setting, but all that craft talk means nothing if you can't put words on the page consistently. You need to figure out how to get your mind in the right place so that when it comes down to doing it, you do it. This is about mental preparation to set your goals and achieve them in the time period you allowed.

"I've signed up for many workshops over my writing lifetime, but none of them inspired me like The Write Brain Formula.

The Write Brain Formula will make you look at your writing life in a whole new way. The videos break things down into easy to digest concepts, and the worksheets help you to understand yourself as a writer and discover your best writing life.

Your writing life will thank you for signing up for this course!" – Kaitlyn Filler

The Real+Good Writer's Brain is designed to give you the writing life you love.

"Rachel has great content, yes, but what I really find is that she also gives you her completely devoted time and attention, which is invaluable and not something many courses can give.

Anytime I’ve talked to her, it’s been a thoughtful and in-depth conversation where we really dig deep trying to understand each other and how to help each other.

Immediately she’ll become this supportive figure you’ve always been looking for, cheering you on and making you feel like you can do anything. And if that “anything” is finally finishing your novel, well, I can’t think of anyone better to cheer you on!" – E.M. Welsh,

The Writer's Brain 4-Course Bundle gives you the step-by-step system you need to create your best writing life.

It's one thing to dream it; but it's time to do it.

It's time to become the happy + productive writer you were always meant to be.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the course start and finish?

This is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish!

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

Will this course be updated? Will I have access to future updates?

You have lifetime access to all future updates to this course. Any revisions, additions, and new features that may be created will be available to you. That's pretty much awesome-sauce, huh?

What's the difference between the 4-Course Bundle and the Master Package?

With the 4-Course Bundle, you get instant access to all 4 courses, materials, and resources. The 4-Course Bundle is perfect for you if you're ready to master your Writer's Brain and dive head-first into doing it. You get everything you need to do it.

The Master Package gives you all 4 courses, but you also get a one-on-one coaching session with me. We'll work one-on-one to master your Writer's Brain and get you where you want to be. You say you want to write. I make sure you do it. Together, we accomplish your writing goals. I'm your cheerleader, kick-in-the-butt coach, accountability partner, resource, and friend ready to help you transform your writing dreams into your reality. We'll talk about your work-in-progress, fit writing into your busy life, and help you master your Writer's Brain. The Master Package is perfect for you if you need support and accountability to actually do this.

How does this coaching thing work?

We'll chat via Google Hangouts and clear any personal roadblocks to your writing success. We'll untangle your novel's plot, deepen your understanding of your characters, fit writing into your busy life, and work towards transforming your dreams into your reality. You tell me what's wrong. I help you fix it. We'll work together to transform you into the writer you want to be!

When else have you ever had your biggest cheerleader, kick-in-the-butt coach, shoulder-to-cry-on, experienced writer who gets it and cares about your work-in-progress working with you one-on-one to help your writing dreams come true? It's going to be SO AWESOME!

What's the refund policy?

Because you get immediate access to all course materials, we're unable to take back any or all used or unused course materials.

Can I just do this myself? Can I find this info for free somewhere?

Sure! If you're a great DIY-er, go research and study and apply, my friend. There's a TON of information out there on the internet.

But be honest with yourself: Have you tried to do this before? Have you set deadlines for yourself? Have you tried creating a new writing life?

And, most importantly, have you succeeded?

This is the approach I took when I was trying to uproot and reignite my writing life. And it was hard. There's SO MUCH information out there, and not all of it is valuable. I needed a step-by-step plan of what to do and how to do it organized in a way that actually worked for me. And I couldn't find anything that satisfied my needs completely.

So, I made the exact thing I needed and turned it into these courses. This is the shortcut so you don't have to go through the same long process I did.

If your DIY approach hasn’t worked yet, I doubt it’s going to work now. You need structure, accountability, and ongoing motivational support to make a drastic change like uprooting and changing your writing life. This course gives you that.

This is a bit of an investment…

You're right. This IS an investment. This is an investment into yourself, your dreams, and your writing. If you want to take your writing seriously and you don't want this writing thing to be just a hobby anymore, you need to invest in your writing life. If you want to grow, you have to put in some work. You have to invest up-front, but when you accomplish your writing goals and transform into the writer you want to be, it'll all be worth it.

Choose to consciously invest in yourself and your writing in ways that will push you towards your achieving your goals. The Writer's Brain pushes you towards those goals.

But, I'm a writer. I for realz don't have much money.

Hey, I get that. I'm a writer too. Finances are hard.

I believe in The Writer's Brain system SO MUCH that I want to make sure you can access it no matter what your budget is.

That's why the Writer's DNA is totally free, and you can get started with it right now.

That's why, if you need to start smaller, you can choose just 1 course to tackle right now. You can get started with your Write Brain journey for as low as $49 today. Choose from Intention, Discipline, or FUDs.

That's why you can choose to invest in the whole Writer's Brain course (the 4-Course Bundle), and save $40.

You have options, my friend. Because I believe this is important and I want it to be acessible for you.

It's not the right time. Can I get it later?

Hey, I get that. You do you.

But consider this: How is your writing life suffering by continuing to procrastinate? How long will you procrastinate on laying the proper foundation for your writing life? How long will you still try to make it work, when it's not working?

The truth is, it’s never going to feel like the right time. At a certain point you have to stop waiting and make things happen for yourself.

If you want to start living a happy + productive writing life, the best time to get started is today. The Writer’s Brain comes with lifetime access so it’ll always be available for you to revisit when the stars do align. But why wait? Why put your writing life on hold any longer? Why wait to be the best writer you can be? Make the leap and get started now.